​"Orlando is one of the best in the business.  Even from 1800 miles away, he keeps me motivated and focused on my health goals.  I stand here today 75 pounds leaner then when we started. That success is because of Coach O!" ~Courtney N. 

I wish their was a Complete Athlete in Florida! I miss my complete athlete family! Hands down best gym/people ever!  ~Sarah 


Complete Athlete is a great facility. Coach "O" is awesome. He will help you obtain the goals you want to achieve. The boot camp is great. You will definitely obtain results from his knowledge, and commitment to you in achieving your fitness goals. ~Anne Marie

"Orlando's classes are fun because of his great personality but don't let that smile fool you.  You are challenged no matter what your level is.  He truly wants everyone to be healthy.  Love that O! ~Nancy

"Shout out to the Complete Athlete of the month, my hero and mother Emma K.  She started her fitness journey 8 weeks ago and is already down 34 pounds.  This is only the beginning and she is surpassing every goal.  Her determination and commitment has been inspirational to our entire family!  Welcome to the Complete Athlete team.  Keep up the good work!  Thank you Orlando Lugo for everything you do!" ~Mark R. 36

"Orlando is knowledgable, committed to his profession and compassionate to each and every person who walks through his door. The family like culture in Coach O's gym is awesome, you don't find that everywhere." ~Paul

"Thankful for the Complete Athlete connection and for great workout buddies - another great saturday morning run!" ~Mary 

"I love CA because my group workout partners hold me accountable for giving my best effort each and every time we fire it up!" ~Jason G. 33

Best workout I have ever had!! Coach Orlando is passionate in his beliefs in well being and encourages all of us complete athletes to strive to reach our goals! Love it!!!!!!!! ~Sarah

Orlando is amazing his classes are so much fun! ~Jenn

"I love CA because of the personal training and the variety of the circuit training sessions!" ~Maureen K. 49

"I love getting healthy at Complete Athlete.  Coach O is a knowledgable trainer and his classes are challenging for all fitness levels. The team atmosphere is amazing. I love that his training program prepares you for any physical challenge, whether you are a runner, obstacle course racer, cyclist or looking to be in awesome shape his classes are for you." -Jill G. 35

​What are people saying about Complete Athlete? 

"Hiking for 8 days in the mountains and along the coastline of Sardinia, Italy, proved again how valuable Complete Athlete has been for Dan and I.  Ages 56 and 65 and still being able to hike long days (one day was 7 1/2 hours and 6 1/2 hours) on rigorous terrain - rocks, gravel, scree, boulders, loose dirt - and up and down mountain sides, was definitely extremely challenging but doable. It requires all of the type of training that we do at Complete Athlete - endurance, flexibility, balance, stability and core strength.  I'm quite certain at least I, if not Dan, could not have finished a couple of the days if we hadn't incorporated the type of functional training into our weekly lifestyle that we get at Complete Athlete. It's not just about exercise, but about being able to do things in the real world in our normal lives that are physically challenging and keep us motivated and moving forward. Thanks, Orlando!" 
~Deb 56