Class Descriptions:

Group Personal Training (GPT) : $15

Come join our GPT class and workout with a dynamic, fun and supportive group. We understand that it takes more than just exercise to be fit and healthy. We take a customized, holistic approach to our workouts that suit different levels. Our workouts focus on mobility, flexibility, weight training, cardio conditioning, circuit training and a lot more.

Come check it out, first class is FREE!

High School & Youth (HS-Y)
Strength & Conditioning:

Our HS-Y Strength & Conditioning Program focuses on developing athleticism.

We apply the components of speed, agility, strength, mobility,

flexibility and power in an age appropriate manner.

We will make your son or daughter into a well-rounded, complete athlete. 

Bootcamp: $15

This circuit-style class incorporates strength and cardio into one high-impact workout.

You will target all muscle groups for a

full body training session

while jamming out to fun music. Be ready to break a sweat!

Ninja Class: $12.50

Creative play with exercise for children 5-8.


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